Ask........and She Appears

Well, how's that for a speedy delivery?  No sooner did I post the picture than B popped up in my Inbox with a little blog for us!  YAY!  Thanks B!!   I won't ramble (for once) I'll just turn it over to the guest blogger.  :) 

Hi everyone!

I'm Birgit, Tania's friend from Belgium. She asked me to write a little report about my adventures in London. I was one of the lucky ones to be at the Royal Albert Hall on Tuesday and Wednesday for the Il Divo concerts. And it was amazing! Even better than the concert in Antwerp. It's a smaller venue so the acoustics
were a lot better and the guys were really at it.

Lots of funny moments the first night:

 - Urs wearing brown gloves in the second part (but we'll come to that later)

 - David saying it took them 9 years to get to the RAH

 - Seb with the flag from the Francefan club and David and Urs laughing with Super Seb when he put it around his shoulders.

 - We had a drink before the concert and there was a TV screen from the hall and the guys were doing the sound check! Regresa, Senza Parole and Don't cry for me Argentina.  ( T here.........Argentina.  Sigh.  My fav on the new ablum  :)  ) 
- Carlos saying he was only there for 2 nights so he couldn't go on a date with all the single ladies.

 - Seb doing his Sarkozy impression which had everyone laughing so hard that Carlos added they wouldn't do Barbra Streisand that evening. That comment almost made Urs fall of his stool cause he was laughing so hard.  (T again........Maybe you can explain Sarkozy impression for us in North America......I only know he's the President of France.  What's so funny about him?  LOL)  
And Wednesday was even better. That day I went to the Sound check and Q&A. What can I say? It was amazing and I'll remember that day forever!  I did two Meet and Greets last tour, but this was something completely different. Ok, you hardly had the time to say "hi" to the guys or shake their hands, but when Urs pulled me close to him, it made up for it big time!  LOL

I took so many pictures and was lucky that there was no camera police around. The first evening we sat on row 9, the second night on row 3 and it was so close to them! People were even allowed to go to the stage and hand them gifts.

 For those who are interested why Urs was wearing gloves…here’s the answer!

Urs: "This is styling."*everyone cracks up and cheers*

Urs: "So it is. It's A look. It's A show we're presenting."

David: "But explain why you haven't had them up to this point."

Urs: "Oh, I can explain THAT! They should have been there from the very first show BUT... It was winter and they are supposed to wear the colour of the shoes I'm wearing..."

David: "Not these shoes."

Urs: "They couldn't find that colour. So we had them tailor-made but Dolce and Gabana for my hands and they got the colour wrong in the first place so we had to had them made again. And now they're still a bit big but we're getting closer."
And a question that had all of us on the edge of our seats…

Hi guys. We know you have a great sense of humour. We see that every night and we love it. The more the better. This is just a fun question. Taking your lovely wives and girlfriends out of the occasion, if someone offered you £5 million to spend the night with them..."


 Carlos: "Ok, let's go!"

 Lady: "Would you do it? And...would it matter if they were good-looking?"

 Ross: "Good question."

 Seb: "Only if you gave to stick around."

 Urs: "In that case you should have started at £50."


 Lady: "Is that a yes? Or no? Maybe"

 Carlos: "I would do it for free, darling. Just ask me, I will. Are you free tonight?"

 Seb: "We'll pay you."

 Lady: "Come on, I put you on the spot."

 David: "Well, there is so many variables in this."

 Lady: "Oh please!"

 David: "It's true, you know. I can't take aarah Joy out of the occasion."

 Lady: "If you were single?"

 David: "If I was single... Ehm well... Hypotheticals are not my forte.

Are we talking about a woman here anyway?

David: "Are we?"

 Lady: "Not necessarily. I didn't say a woman."

David: "Well..... I... It's... oh.... Cause money and romance don't necessarily quit. So what are we talking about?"

 Lady: "You're quite right."

 Ross: "Good  answer!"

 Lady: "So I won't write a cheque out then?"

 David: "Just write it out to Il Divo enterprises and Carlos will receive it."

 Ross: "You can swipe your credit card."

 Seb: "Don't forget that we split four ways!"

T here again.  Thank you B for your rememberances!!   And see folks......Il Divo Comedy Show!  They are quite funny, aren't they.  Carlos......I would do it for free!   

And with that I will leave you for now!  Thanks again, B, for your pictures and your memories!!   Awesome!!



What's Royal Albert Hall

Okay, obviously, that's not Belgium, but it's just across the Channel, so close enough, right?  :)

Hello Everyone!  Wow!  Do I miss blogging!  I miss chatting with you and reading your comments!  I really have to get back on track here, don't I?   I haven't even posted my wrap up Belgium blog. I really need to get cracking on that!!  It's funny, once you get back to work and real life......there just doesn't seem to be time.  So many other things to do.  But I miss it, and I'll try to do better.  Maybe even a once a week post or something.   After we get the Wrap Up Belgium Blog posted.  But before we do that.......

Would anyone like to see some gorgeous pictures from Royal Albert Hall?  My dear friend B was fortunate enough to go to both shows and she's shared some of her pictures with us!  Isn't that awesome!  She said Show One was fabulous, but Show Two.........THE BEST!   Although it could have everything to do with the fact that a certain Swiss squeezed her really tight.  :P   Nah.  It's the music, right B?  Always the music!  :)    I'm hoping she can be pursuaded to share with us some of the special behind the scenes stuff regarding what she saw.   What do you say, Miss B? 

She went to the trouble of typing out the transcript of the Q&A that night.  I won't post it all here because it's 11 pages and most of you Divo fans have probably seen the video on You Tube, but I'm glad she did it!  There are some nights that you don't want to forget, and it's good to have a record of every single detail.  Then it all comes rushing back to you when it read it ten years later.  The sights, the sounds.....the feel of Urs arm around your waist!  :P    Anyhow, there is a part I wanted to post here, because it ties in so well to something we talked about at the very beginning of this blog.   It's almost like we've come full circle........this goes back to the very start when I was so afraid to go.  (What was I afraid of anyhow?  It was AWESOME!!)  But I couldn't stop laughing when I read it.  Oh David.  LOL  

Lady: "I'm Dutch. You've been to the Netherlandsa couple of times. I was wondering if there is something you think is typical Dutch?"

Carlos:  "Frikadellen."

Urs: "What do you mean? About the audience for example?"

Lady: "Well you lived there so..."

Urs: "Well yeah, I lived in Amsterdamfor eight years so I know a lot of things that are typical Dutch. I love Holland, I love the people. Funniest thing I always thought... David goes to Amsterdam and says everyone is so stressed there! And I always think everyone is so relaxed there. So that is the funniest  thing I know about Holland."

 Seb: "Coffee shops?"

David laughs. "No, my first experience when I went to Holland the first time.  Just checking into the hotel. And it really comes out of a sense of wanting to provide a high level of service........

OH!  It was Seb!  The Frenchie!  Anyhow, did you catch that?  THE COFFEE SHOPS!    In the Netherlands.  Remember we had a chat about that?  What you could, um, procure at coffee shops in the Netherlands!  Now how excactly does Seb know about that?  hehehe   Well, I guess everyone knew but me, but still........Is there something we should know Msr. Izambard?  :P    Anyhow, I just thought it was pretty funny that the guys were talking about it.  Dutch Coffee Shops.  Infamous, apparently.

Does anyone know what Frickadellen is?  Please don't tell me its eel......... 

Okay, enough blabbing from me on this topic.  A big giant thank you to Birgit for sharing these gorgeous photos.   And I really do hope you'll give us some inside stories.....we are all waiting anxiously.  :)    Enjoy, everyone!  And thank you Birgit!  


PS:  I think if you double click on them, they will increase in size.  Because believe me, they need to be viewed super-size.  :D :D D:   Unlike McDonalds.......Super Size Divo's is a good thing.  No calories.  hehe   I have a few favourites.  You? 

More Pictures - The Ones You've Been Waiting For!

Leuven!  The beautiful, picturesque town of Leuven!!  Vekommen aan in Leuven.  Do you know what that means?  We are arriving into Leuven.  Or something like that.  My Dutch isn't that great.  hehe  But that is very close to what it means, right B?  So, the train flashes this as you come into each town in Belgium.  Well, not this exactly, but it announces which town you are arrving into.  And since I was arriving into Leuven.......Vekommen aan in Leuven.  I love it.  Every day I say it to myself so I won't forget.  Smart, hey?  ;)    Vekommen aan in Leuven. 

But, before Leuven, just a couple of musings.  First, I miss Belgium.  Second, I miss blogging.  I'm so sad it's all over, and I would gladly go again tomorrow.  If only I had the cash.  hehe    I'm not quite ready to wrap it all up yet, which is why I haven't posted a wrap-up blog.  Maybe on the weekend, ya?  We'll see.  For now, I just want to keep reliving it.  Leuven.  Bruxelles.  Belgium.  B.  Divo.  All of it.  Sigh.  I can't believe it's over. 

But, since I have limited time at the moment (dinner is almost ready!), let's just do some pictures, okay?  Obviously, up first is Leuven.  And the beautiful beautiful flowers in Leuven.   I can't believe its spring there.  We're expecting snow on the weekend.  Sigh.

Anyhow, the first one is the outside of fancy restaurant.  See?  Garage.  You walk up stairs and into a parking garage.  You would never think there was a spectacular restaurant inside.  :)
So, that's it.  Belgium.  Beautiful, isn't it?  I can't believe its over.  And you've seen the best of it.  And heard about the worst of me.  My trials and tribulations.  I guess there's nothing left to show you.  See ya.  

Oh Wait!  Divos!  LOL.  Sorry, I'm being a goofy.  Who knows why.  LOL.  I won't post a ton, just a few.  Even though I have a ton.  Enjoy!  Aren't they handsome?  Yep.  :)  
You know what?  I sort of miss blogging my adventures!  And I really really miss having email notifications that there are comments waiting for me!  It always, always made me smile when I was so far away from home!  It's rather sad that this is wrapping up to tell you the truth.  :(   But as they say.......all good things must come to an end.  And Belgium was a good thing.  :)   I can't believe I did it.  I really can't.    

Anyhow, before I get all melancholy and reflective (I'll do that in another post, maybe tomorrow), I'll post a few pictures for you.  I really don't want to bore you, so I won't put tons, but a few highlights.  Sorry, none of me though!  LOL.  I break the camera.  And would likely break your computers were you to look at them.  :P 

On with the show, okay?  Sorry the ones you have to twist your head to see.   I didn't have time to flip them yet.  Hopefully you can get the idea without craning your next too much.  :) 

First, Brussels.
Ghent and Bruges (Ghent is first and there's only one :P)  I liked Bruges better even though it was the locale of the breakdown!   Included is a picture of my lunch that fateful day.  As poison as it might be, sometimes there is nothing like a coke and some chips (ooops!  I mean FRITES!) to fix you up.   Not that it really 'fixed' me up, but I wasn't crying so much after that!  LOL.
Luxembourg.  I loved Luxembourg.  Maybe it was just the day or that I was feeling better than I had in Bruges or that the sun was shining.......I'm not sure.  But I really, really loved Luxembourg.   It's hard to believe that I was there a week ago.  Wow.  Time really does fly, doesn't it?  It's rather sad.    Oh, the first couple are that war memorial thing.  It was huge!
I think I've bored you enough for one day, haven't I?   Let's call it quits for today.  Would anyone like to see some Divo pictures?  :)  I can put a few of those up tomorrow.  Okay?  Okay.  :)   

See you all tomorrow!   

And on a real computer!  I almost forgot how to type on it!  Just kidding........  It's so much easier and quicker than the stupid iPad.  I don't understand why people love it so much.  But maybe it is just me.    Anyhow...........  HELLO!    Oh, and just because I'm on a computer..........I'm not promising there won't be mistakes in this.  hehe.  Especially improperly placed commas.   But I'll try.  :D

Can you believe it's over?  The trip?  The fun?  Everything?  Dont' worry, we'll still have a few more posts.  There are wrap ups to do, and pictures to post, and more things I forgot to talk about to let you in on.  We've got a little way to go yet.   I just wanted to let you know I was back.  And alive.  And suffering a bit from jet lag, but not bad.  Yet.  Ask me tomorrow.  Or Saturday.  I think that will be the worst of it.  Anyhoo, on with the show.  I do have a couple things to say.   Surprised?   Nope.  This is me, the queen of blab, we're talking about. 

So, the trip was relatively uneventful.  Trip home, I mean.   The cabbie was lovely.......and he didn't rob me like the first guy did.  It was a good 20 euros less than when I arrived.  So, obviously he played me.  But on your first day, you don't know.  You know?  Away he whisked me from the B&B (okay, I just forgot how to make an & used to doing it on the iPad!  Shift and 7.  Got it.)   He was very sweet, and even kissed my cheek when he dropped me off.  Not in a weird way, just.....bon voyage, sort of.   

Belgium to Heathrow, uneventful.  Did I tell you about Heathrow?  How you land out in the middle of nowhere, and you have to debark outside?  Then get on a bus, and drive for ten or fifteen minutes to the terminal?  Then up and down and up down, and through rigorous security checks, which I don't understand because you are already in the airport system and got checked at the previous airport.  But, what can you do?    Layover was long and the place is a zoo.   I hated it.   But, I bought London souvenirs and spend 4 euros on 20 minutes of internet time because I had nothing else to do.  LOL.  And there is something comforting about checking email and emailing friends when you are feeling a bit out of sorts.   

Oh, and in typical T fashion..........didn't I spill my Starbucks on my shirt?  My white shirt!  Of course I wore white.  I should know better, but..........ya.  Typical T.  Fortunately, I had a sweater and a scarf and mostly hid it, but.........embarrassing.  Sigh.    (The stain isn't quite out yet.  I sprayed Spray and Wash and rubbed with Sunlight soap and still its a bit there.  IF anyone has a tip how to get it out, let me know.  I have heard that once the garment dries, you are hooped, but it's still wet, so maybe there is a chance.  It is my favourite shirt!)

The plane was crowded.  Of course.  And the guy beside me.......Ai Yi Yi.  I don't think he sat still for one minute.  Even in his sleep he thrashed around.  How do I know he slept?  Because his head was on my shoulder and he was snoring!  GROSS!  I kept bumping him up, but he kept falling back down.  It was just......gross.  If he was good looking or charming or something, then okay.......but he was just hot and in my space and annoying.   Oh, and there was a baby in the row in front of me who cried (actually screamed) for the first five hours of the flight.  I felt really sorry for the mum and the baby, but........between that and annoying guy my patience was all but gone.  I just wanted to get home, you know?  I was done.  Done, done, done.  I wanted to be home.

Now, I have to tell you a funny story.  So me.  Typically typically me.  Somewhere between Greenland and Hudson's Bay, I got up to go to the loo.  I was in there, and you know how tiny those bathrooms are, I could hear music.  Very faint, but music.  I listend closer, because it was beautiful music, and I thought.......OH!  It's Divo!  How about that?  What a nice idea!  Playing soothing music on a long trans-atlantic flight.  It would help people feel better because they are all so........not in a good place.  So, I was smiling to myself, and humming along, and thinking how cool it was that they were playing Divo and I'd just seen them a week ago (its been a week already???)  I go back to my seat.  I can still hear the music!  And I thought, they must be pumping it through the whole plane, while people are sleeping (because lots of people were sleeping at this point).   Brilliant.  Just brilliant.   

Now, I pause at this point in the story (we're almost at the end) to ask you a question.  You remember my secret hiding spot, right?  For oh, passports and room keys and sometimes lip gloss or anything else that might need to be hidden or require quick access.  You remember, right?   My bra.  Well, guess what I had tucked in there at some point?  Not that I remember doing it but........ya.  my iTouch.  Tucked in my bra.  Guess what playlist it was on?  Because I had been trying to drown out the crying baby and the snoring with Carlos' voice?   Divo playlist.  Can you imagine?  This great idea that I thought British Airways had come up with (soothing Divo music for the passengers) was really me, with an iPod playing inside my bra!  Are you rolling on the floor laughing now?  Probably!  I am just thinking about it!   I am SUCH a bozo!!!  Loveable, but a bozo.   LOL LOL LOL  Only me, folks.  Only me.   

So, I arrived to snow.  A spring snow storm.  It was sunshine and tulips and t-shirts in Belgium.  In London too.  But here in Canada?  Snow.  Sigh.  I think I want to go back just for spring weather.  I can't tell you how depressing this is!   How are the tulips, B?  I miss them!! 

I dreamed last night of Brussels.  Every have those dreams where it is a real live day?  I walked the streets, and smelled the smells and saw the sights.  Went on a bus and experienced it all.  In my dreams.  Guess that means it had an impact on me, huh?   Brussels and Belgium will stay with me for a long time.  But you know what?  It wasn't just in my dreams.  It really happened.  I did all that!  Can you believe it?  I did it!!   So, I might have dreamed it, but I lived it too.  And you were all with me!  What a grand adventure we had!  Did you have fun?

I won't wrap things up now.  Not yet.  Because I do have some more things to tell you, like I said.  And loads of pictures to share.   But I wanted to let you know I was home and safe and alive.  And right now.....i need a little nappy because my jetlag is not very happy.  I can barely keep my eyes open.    So, pop in tomorrow and over the weekend.  I will have some little tidbits for you!  And lots of pictures!   

Bye for now!!  Big hugs!  And kisses too!  And don't you think British Airways SHOULD think about piping in Divo music for those long flights?   hehe   Maybe I'll put it in my proposal!!  :D :D

Notice how I'm spelling it in French now?  Bruxelles.  On my last day, I call it Bruxelles.  Sounds sort of romantic, doesn't it?  Bruxelles.  But nothing. Romantic happened to me here.  Hehe.  Not to the girl who gets toilet paper stuck to her shoe.  :P

I must admit, today seemed like a ............I don't know.  Sort of a killing time, blah day.  It wasn't like a was wandering around thinking 'Oh, I wish I was in Paris', but I think I felt lonely for the first time.  Really lonely.  Don't worry........I wasn't bawling (for once) I was just lonely.  There is something to be said for having a buddy.  Someone to laugh with and people watch with and to cheer you up when you are a bit blah.  I kept myself going all this time - with the exception of my Saturday breakdown and a little help (ok a lot) of help from B - but today all my zip was just gone.  I felt like I was wandering aimlessly, killing time until I could go back to the B&B.   Kinda pathetic, huh?  Maybe it's a sign that is time to go home.   

So, what did I do?  Well, I was very brave and took the metro and by myself.  Yay me!  And nobody robbed me or anything.  Double yay!  I went to Rue Neuve, the top of the shopping street, and walked all the way down.  There was a lovely big shopping mall, so I wandered through there, but again,it just sort of seemed.......meh.  I couldn't get into it.  But I am also not the type to go shopping just for the sake of going shopping, you know?  There has to be a reason.  Like $10 dresses.  :P.   Anyhow, I bought some earrings and hair pins.  ZZZZZZZZ, right?  Sorry.  This is the most boring blog post.   

So, I walked and window shopped and bought a salad for dinner, and slowly made my way back to the Grand Place.  I like it there.  And of course I headed to my favorite spot........the Panos......and drank a coke and half ate a sandwich, and watched the world go by before making my way back home.   There is so much to see in that square.  The little group of traveling musicians (not the Divos in case you were wondering!) we're playing new Orleans music.  Schoole groups and tour groups go by constantly.   The immigrant women walk Around shaking their cups and begging for money.  Able bodied women sit on the street corner with their little signs asking to please help their children.  There was a street artist.  People constantly in and out of the ATM machines of ING.   Real Brusselites (what are they called, anyhow?) stroll along (yes, more strolling, but it is mostly the older generations.  They have dogs too.). The two homeless guys with four really cute dogs set up their plea for donations.  Businessmen walk by with boxes of expensive chocolates.  And it seems like almost everyone has an H&M bag from the half dozen outlets on Rue Neuve.  Can you picture it all?  Can you picture the melancholy canadian sitting there watching in all?  Hope so.  Cause that was my day.  And I was desperately needing a friend.  So I pretended you were all there with me and forced myself to get a waffle and wandered back down to the B&B.  Did you have a good time?   Probably not.  I didn't have the greatest day myself.   

I missed B.  My family and friends.  I missed......everything.   And I think I am ready to come home.  I packed and organized and got myself together.  My stuff anyhow.  Threw stuff away that I didn't need.  I am mostly there.  Just a few last minute things in the morning.  Then the long journey home.  Ugh. I don't even want to think about that marathon trip.  And I hope that my suitcase isn't over weight!  LOL I dont think I bought all that much, but maybe I did.  It seems really heavy.   How much did it weigh when I left?  Do you remember dad?  I think only 17 kgs.  I can have 29, so maybe I am okay.  12 kgs, is almost 25 lbs.  I can't have all that much, can I.?  Hope not! 

Anyhow, I will sign it off for now.  Will hopefully do one final post in the morning before I go.  While I have my coffee.  I seem to be awfully tired tonight.  Maybe just the melancholy of leaving.   Who knows.  Sorry for the blah post, folks, but I am trying to tell it like it is.  And the truth was today was kind of a blah day.   I did, however, watch some videos of the concert last week, which cheered me up a bit.  It was so, so, so, so good!   Bravo!  Bravo! 

Oh, did I tell you?  I moved rooms yesterday.......which I knew I had to do.  Anyhow, it was so weird seeing someone new in 'my room'.  Because's mi e forever.  Hehehe. 

Okay, this is T, over and out for now.   Bye bye Bruxelles!   Well, not quite.  There is still tomorrow, and a few blog posts when I get home!  I know there s so much I am forgetting to tell you.   MWAH,

But we'll get to that at the end of our story today.   Don't worry, it is not a repeat of Saturday.  Promise.  

So, B arrived just on time.  Early really.  And I knew she would be early, and still I was late.  LOL.  Sorry, B!   Of course I was late.  B saw every bad and dumb thing about me today, but still I think she is my friend.  :). We'll get to that later too.  Actually, it starts almost immediately.   B thought we would go to the Sablon, or antiques district.   Which was good, since I hadn't been there yet.  So, after the metro and a bus ride (crazy crazy bus drivers) we arrived.  We weren't out on the street five minutes and of course I trip and practically fall over.  We could say that I was distracted from looking in the Armani store (because I was looking in the window and we could further say that I was thinking about certain men in certain Armani garments) but honestly, that would be a lie.  I tripped.  Plain and simple.  Splat.   Poor B.  She spent the whole day with a klutz.  

So, we wandered there and went to the royal chocolaterie and.......ya, of course I had to buy some, but only as a gift.  I won't eat them.  I still didn't eat those expensive cookies from the other day, and I have to eat them by Wednesday.  Unless the recipients would like to share.   I'll let you know.  Hehehe.   My poor leg is in bad shape, so poor B, not only did she have to put up with klutzy T, she also had to out up with stopping every few blocks so that I could rub my leg for a while.  She has the patience of a saint.    We made it to Manneke Pis a famous Belgian icon.  It means........Peeing Boy.  So, dad , if you are reading, you know where I am going with that.  Hehehe.  Won't say another word on the subject.   We also saw the hidden gem of his sister.......Jeanekke Pis........which B knew about. (ok, sidebar, I just discovered the keyboard on iPad splits.  Cool.  Anyhow.....). Never would have found her if not for B.  she is very hidden away.  

We shopped and lunched in the plaza and were touristy.  Must have been so boring for poor B.  Especially when I wanted to stop all the time because of my leg.  Ugh.  So frustrating.  Anyhow, we got some lovely scarves......2 for 5 euros.   Not bad hey?  Then I had to get another one because it was so beautiful.........deep pink and violet and purples.  I love it.   B got something too,  but I will let her tell you if she wants to. 

I wore some new black jeans today.  They are too big and fall down.  But of course I didn't know that until we were out.  So I was always hiking them up.  Couldn't figure out why my fingers were black as coal.  I looked awful!  Dirty dirty hands.  Turns out it is from the dye of the jeans.   Even after a scrub in the tub (another sidebar......hopefully not too much information, be warned.......the bathtub is in the room in the new room and watching tv in a claw foot tub is a new level of decadence.  Just saying).  Anyhow, my fingers are still stained sort of.  I am a wreck. Seriously.  I had toilet paper stuck to my shoe.  What else happened, B?  I thought some other things.  I couldn't make a good impression if I tried.  And I was trying!  This stuff doesn't usually happen this badly to me.  A little bit, but today was everything!   And through it all B is a perfect lady.   Imagine her with the likes of me?   Poor thing.  Hope I didn't embarrass you too much, my friend.  At least we were laughing, right?

Oh!  For the first time in my life, I drank an entire beer!  Can you believe it?  And all this stuff was BEFORE the beer!  LOL. Anyhow, it was Kriek.  Cherry beer.  And it was really good!  I liked it a lot!  And will always remember sitting in the sun in the square at five pm, with my dear Belgian friend driving beer.   :). 

And B taught me all kinds of useful things!  About the metro and the bus.  And perhaps more importantly, that one street over from where I was all this time, was the main street with all kinds of shops and restaurants.  Granted, it's up where the square was, but I didn't venture that way!  It would have solved all my problems regarding food and restaurants.  Tonight, at the crazy crazy supermarket in downtown Brussels, I got a great salad for dinner!  To go!  So much better than croissant every night!  What did I do without her all this time?  Not very good, let me tell you!  Typical T.   See?  B saw THE WORST today.   No wonder she was crying when we said goodbye.   It was tears of relief!  :P

I am only teasing, girl.   The day was over too soon, and we had to say goodbye.  Time to Say Goodbye.  That song has new meaning.  Anyhow, there were so many tears from mostly me, as we blubbed in the entry way of the B&B.  I could barely speak.  Sorry B.  I'm way too emotional,  I know.  But you were so kind, and such a lovely friend...........I.....ya.......bawling in Brussels.  Again.  Now.    So, we hugged and cried and said goodbye and hugged and bawled again.  Then decided that we had to take a self portrait even though we were half weepy.  Silly, silly girls, aren't we?  

We waved until we couldn't see each other as B went to the Midi train station.  Then I blubbed some more.   Ugh.   Why am I so emotional?   Cause that's just me.  I have a big heart and Im a softie.  We bawled and laughed though.  That's a good sign, right?  

Sorry readers, not a very exciting blog today, no history or visits to foreign places.  Just two gals in Brussels hanging out for the day.  One of them being a totally klutz.  Lol.   Miss you already, Miss Belgium!  

And that, folks, is today's report.  Over and out.  I think I am going to ave one of those expensive cookies now.   Or maybe a royal chocolate.  If there was a ever a day............

Or as I've been calling it all day.............Lichtenstein.   I did not go to Lichtenstein, I went to Luxembourg.  I still can t get it through my head.  Silly T.

So, off I went at 8 am again this morning for my 20 minute walk to the bus.  It wouldn't be that long for someone who didn't have a bum leg, but let me tell you, this morning it felt like the longest walk in the world.  Buti made it.  Here's the problem (cause I seem to have so many where this stupid leg issue is concerned) my calves are all sore and tight because I was walking so bad because of the other issue.  So, when one hurts, the other doesn't.  Today, the main problem wasn't awful......but my calves were killing me.  So.......   Anyow, enough complaining because today was so much better than yesterday.  

Do you want history first or Sunny Luxembourg?  I think history.  Let's get it out of the way.  For all m musing yesterday about WWI today we went to WWII battlefield called Battle of the Buldge.  I had no idea we were going it was a bit of surprise, but interesting.   After we hiked up this giant steep path because the bus driver didnt know they moved the car park.   Doesn't matter.  It was a beautiful, sunny day.  A little crisp, but nice.  And I wore my warmer coat after yesterday.  LOL.  Anyhow, this monument is on the hill over too of where this battle was.  It was all US troops, I guess.  In the dead of winter 1944.  Not so long ago, huh?   They werent expecting to be attacked, so we're caught unaware.   There was something like 80,000 casualties in six weeks.   Mostly young boys the guide was saying.   Very very sad.  

It was interesting though that the town people gook them in and cared for them all as best they could.  Tore up their white bed sheets to give the camouflage for the winter conditions.  They didnt tell the whole story, but something about Patton happened here.  He did some famous general thing that won the battle.  I will have to read up on it when I get home.  There is a monument to him in the square.  And a sherman tank.  I should have paid more attention to that Patton movie when my brother used to watch it.  I would have known the story to tell you.   Anyhow, it was all quite interesting to see, and again, you can't help but visualize what it must have been like.   Seeing the landscape, etc,   Very sobering.   

Ok, moving on from that..........about another ninety minute drive and we were in tiny Luxembourg.  Can I just call it Lux?  Its too hard to type.  LOL.   I get the impression that Lux is a wealthy place.  The houses look expensive and well kept.  People seem very posh.  I mean, there is a Cartier and Louis Vuitton in the square.  You don't find that everywhere.  But you do in Lux.  Beautiful, beautiful square.  Truly, I loved it.   There are restaurants and cafes and the obligatory McDonald's on every side and absolutely everyone was sitting outside.  It didn't matter that it wasn't super warm.  It was sunny and bright and beautiful.  And they sit out with their spring jackets and scarves, smoking and looking all posh.  But it was Ntintimidating posh.  It as just......Lux posh.   You will see what I mean when I post some pictures.   

Nothing was open, because it was Sunday, except for the restaurants and two little smoke shops.  So here is what people do.  They stroll.  They eat, then they stroll.  I don't mean power walking like most of us do.  They stroll.  Slowly.  Arm in arm.  And they window shop.   And then they kiss.  And then they stroll and window shop and kiss some more in the sunshine.   It was so..........nice.  I don't know the word for it and am ever at a loss for words.  It just seems to be an entirely different way of existing than in north America.   Here is the progression. 

Two female friends stroll together.  Usually one has a dog.  Then you see the lovers.  Obviously in love, because they hold hands and kiss each other every five minutes.  Thats amore.   They have a dog too.   Then you see the lovers pushing a baby carriage.  With a little umbrella to shield bebe's eyes from the bright sun.  And the dog.   Then you see the bebe's at five, riding their bike around the square.   And pausing to kiss mama or papa or the dog.   Then you see the old lovers, still arm in arm.  Still sometimes kissing.  Still with a dog.  Seeing a trend here?  That was my afternoon in Lux.   I loved it.  I truly truly did.  It was like a slice of Lux life, with no tourists, except for us.  

The countryside is beautiful.   Green rolling hills.  Quiet.  Slow.  Lazy.  Perfect Sunday. 

After walking up, down and around the old city and old wonky leg had about all it could take so I went back to the square.  And in honour of my Mum, because she would have done it if she was with me.........and it's not something I normally ever do..........I got an ice cream in a little cup, with a little spoon, and watched the lovers in the square.  (remember when we did that in Santa Catalina, mum?). Anyhow that was for you.    One scoop mint chocolate chip, one scoop something I never had before.  Pink grapefruit ice cream.  It was amazing!  The perfect amount of tart!  You would have loved it, mum.  :)

The guide was much better today and he didn't ask for a Tip, so of course he got one.  I give because I want to, not because you ask me.  Tip for me?  No tip for you.  (there is a story there, but not today).   It's about a 2.5 hour drive.   Lovely, just lovely.  Totally enjoyed Lux. 

Tomorrow?  Not sure.  B is coming to Brussels, so who knows what we will see?   Time to come home soon.  Wow.  It went so fast.  I knew it would, but still........

Cain just say how much your comments mean to me?  Every morning, I eat breakfast and read your comments.  It's like a little surprise I get to unwrap in the morning.  And it's like you are traveling along with me and I'm not alone.  I love that.  So thank you.  Comments, email, whatever.  I don't have time usually to get back to you, but I read everything and it always makes me smile.  Luff you guys.   You are great traveling companions!!!   MWAH. 

T. Xx
Theres so much, really, so forgive me for no rhyme or reason to this.  If it pops into my head, I will write it.  

Did you know that Belgium has brothels?  Lots of them.  Actual bordellos.  I think there is a difference, but I. Not sure what.   They have flashing lights outside them.  Some are big big old houses.  I was looking to see if I could see anything, but I couldn't.  Not even a car in the parking lot.  Maybe they have underground parking.  LOL

When we were driving on the freeway today, i couldn't help but think about the war.  I know, morbid, right?  But there was such big battles here one hundred years ago.  All the people that were killed for nothing.  Displaced from their homes, etc, etc.  it's just normal, flat farmland, and imagine what it looked like 100 years ago.  Totally different.  And it's so sad.  See?  I was in a deep mood today.  What a thing to,think about.  Sigh. 

Once again I didn't get supper.  I would give anything for a salad.  Seriously.   I am craving it.  But, I am becoming an expert in ordering at the patisserie next door. Today, I did it all in french.  Can you believe it?  Deux croissants, s'il vois plait.  Almonde ou chocolat?  Almonde.  I even got the amount right.  Look at me.  Talking like a native.  LOL

Divo bits.  It bothered me all day that I didn't post this.  Because I noticed it several times.  There is this muscle in Seb's throat that quivers when he holds those long long notes.  It's really cool to,watch, to be honest.  Shows how much he is working.  That he really stretches himself to match the others.  The clarity and strength of his voice just gets better and better.  And he has such an easy smile.  It's infectious.  

David's pants didn't fit properly in the second half.  They were way too big.  And something was wonky with his cumberbund.  Poor David.  Sounds like I am picking on him, and I don't mean too.  He was lovely and laughing and jovial, as he always seems to be.  And he laughed so hard at one point when Urs got messed up with a story he was telling it Dutch that he had to turn around.  His whole body was shaking with laughter.  So so funny.  

I have no bits about Urs and Carlos that I didn't already say.  But if I think,of them orifice B reminds me, I will be sure to post them.  There is so much I am missing.....I just know it!  It as been a whirlwind, let me tell you. 

Oh!  Who commented about being a blogger forthe guys?  Carolyn, I think.  What a fabulous idea girl!  You know my boy Keith?  He has someone who blogs on the road for him.  Plus he blogs and videos himself sometimes and posts those.  I think it's a fabulous idea!  Who do I contact?  I think.people would love behind the scenes, back stage stuff, don't you?  I would.  That's what I love to read.  I figured everyone else must love it too.  T reporting for duty.  I would be a great behind the scenes reporter, don't you think?  Hehehe.  I'd tell the people what they rEally want to know. Who dyes, who doesn't.  What is Urs REALLY like.  How many bracelets dosE David have?  WHatg do they eat.  Who gets along.  And most importantly..........why is Carlos' chest red?  Enquiring minds want to know and T will get to the bottom of it.  :) :) :)

Dont quit my day job, right?  Hehehehe.

Hugs to everyone. 

Nite nite


Or, as I have named it,...........break down in a public toilet day.  Come on, we all knew it was going to happen.  I wish not but..........this is me we are talking about.  I warned you.  I warned myself.  Despite my best efforts, break down in the public toilet occurred.  Except it wasn't a toilet, in was a restaunt, which could be worse, really.  It felt like everyone was staring at me, but it was so busy in there, probably not.  I hope not anyhow.    To make it worse, the supplies I brought along for just such an event were absolutely useless.  I had pictures of home........they made me bawl harder.  The play list?  Made me are not any of those things, you big loser.  I even had two printed out pages of snippets from emails and things filled with encouragement, and I couldn't read it because my eyes were so blurry.   Big loser is right.   Loser T.

Eventually I got it together, thanks to this little teeny tiny blonde toy someone send me. To bring along.  I forgot I had her, but she made me smile.  And so I carried on.  Not really any choice was there?   Nope.  The show must go on.  

So, the bus was full but luckily I sat in the aisle seat and no one sat beside me.  I think I was the only one who had that.  The other singletons got stuck with strangers.  That, and I had my grump face on for just such a reason.  Couldn't deal with that today, I just couldn't.   The commentator was awful.  Truly.  Frank was his name, and no, Frank - Mr. Chain smoker - you are not eating aa tip with you lackluster commentary and tsk tsk directed at those of us you tsk'd for not following your recommendations regarding food and drink and boat cruises.  No.  You get a kick back for it - I saw them give me money based on the people that came inside - so just NO.  I do not need to pay 24 euros for lunch when I can go across the road and spend 5 euros for a grilled cheese, fries and a coke.   No.  This was highly reminiscent of the Stonehenge debacle of the 90's but I will save that for another day.  Some of you know the story.  No tip. I don't care what you say. 

So.  Now that I have all,the grump and bawling out of the way and a fresh cup of tea.what did I like?  They took us to the cathedral in Ghent.  We really only had about an hour in that town.  I wandered around in the crypt .........and it was kind of......crypt- y and creepy.  And cold.  Lots of old things from the middle ages though, so,that was kind of interesting.  Went and got a coffee and wandered in the shops, which might have been the beginning of the melancholy, because the shop owner was so nice, and the little dog so friendly.   I never should have pet that dog.  It was the beginning of all my troubles.  

Bruges is very very beautiful. My dad would have loved it. I wish I could post pictures on this dumb thing, because I would like to show you.  The architecture and the buildings.  So pretty.  All the canals and little shops.  Easily could have spent several days there exploring.  The only down thing is all,the tourists.  Because there are thousands of them.  Me included.  I couldn't help but think that the locals must hate it.  There were two elderly ladies, helping each other down one of the side streets, where it was quiet, and they were just shaking their heads at the craziness.  Not that I blamed them.  It was chaos.  But beneath all that.......really beautiful. 

I was going to take a canal cruise, as they suggested, but it started snowing.  Yes, snowing.  Where are we?  Canada?  Hehe.  It was so so so cold.......I just couldn't face getting colder.  Yes, mum and B, I had a sweater and a coat and a scarf, and I was still cold!  BRRRRRRRR!  Anyhow, it was a lovely lovely afternoon, despite the cold weather and the breakdown.  If only my leg felt better.   Ugh.  I am becoming a cripple.  Luxembourg tomorrow will be a challenge.  But the show must go on.

Bruges is really beautiful......the swans and the horses and the Lake of Love.  I will,post pictures when I get home.  Let's hope no. Bawling in Luxembourg ladies.  I can't take any more.  I'm allowed one, that's it.  And I've had it.  

You know, there is something comforting about watching Back to the Future, after a sort of meh day.  Even with the Dutch subtitles, it makes me feel better.